Team Fearless Classes train people physically, mentally AND promote discipline, honor, self-esteem, respect, courtesy, perseverance and loyalty.

Team Fearless ​classes train people physically and mentally AND promote discipline, honor, self-esteem, respect, courtesy, perseverance and loyalty.

Our core principals are based on the following disciplines:

Uechi Ryu Karate Do

  • UECHI-RYU, originally called PANGAI-NOON, translates to “Half-Hard, Half-Soft” is principaly based on the movements of: The Tiger, The Dragon and Crane.
  • UECHI-RYU is a style of Okinawan Karate. The three original Kata can be traced to ‘The Bubishi’; an ancient work on philosophy, strategy, medicine, and technique. A secret text passed from master to student from India, China and Okinawa for hundreds of years.
  • UECHI-RYU is more practical and efficient for self-defense than other martial arts. It emphasises simplicity, stability and a combination of linear and circular movements.
  • UECHI-RYU Signature movements include (Shoken) one knuckle punch. (Boshiken) Palm heel strike/ thumb knuckle punch. (Sokusen Geri) Tip Of the toe kick.
“Uechi Ryu is the most Destructive use of Force and Chaos of all the fighting arts.”
The Secrets of Okinawan Karate
Joe Lewis Karate Systems logo

Joe Lewis Karate System

JOE LEWIS enjoyed one of the most successful careers in tournament karate history. Known as the most feared fighter of his generation. He trained with BRUCE LEE in 1968 & 1969. Lee coached him to become the “Greatest Karate Fighter of All Time”. The law of strategy is to control your opponent in any given situation or zone with equal efficacy. The Joe Lewis Karate System will help you become a balanced fighter and teach you how to adjust to ANY opponent in ANY situation. THE HALLMARK attributes of the Joe Lewis Karate System are:
  • Tactical footwork
  • Set point control
  • Angular attacks
  • Deceptive penetration
  • Aggressive defense
  • Controlling distance
“Innovate Don’t Imitate”
Joe Lewis
DePasquale JuJitsu Logo

DePasquale Yoshitsune Combat JuJitsu

The late Michael DePasquale Sr. is regarded as the father of American JuJitsu. Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. is now (Headmaster) of the Yoshitsune Combat JuJitsu System.
  • YOSHITSUNE is a street to ground submission art using three levels of fighting: standing, kneeling and ground fighting against armed and unarmed attackers.
  • YOSHITSUNE training includes conditioning, striking, throwing and immobilizations using joint locks and other methods of restraint.
  • YOSHITSUNE training is progressive.The more advanced the technique, the less external force is required from the practitioner.
 “Knowledge is like a lion; not gently embraced, especially with your hand in the lions mouth.”
South African Proverb

Learning is not about finding the best style it’s about finding the best instructors.

WHAT IS F.E.A.R.S. ‘Fear Enabled Accelerated Response System’

When Art Meets Reality

The ability to predict and protect oneself from real or perceived violent behavior, largely through one’s own intuition is the central premise of F.E.A.R.S. training. Primal fear triggers the‘Fight or Flight’ response. The gift of fear is a message from your inner caveman, and your most powerful weapon. Unwarranted Fear is your worst enemy. ‘The Anatomy of Fear’ – When confronted with real world violence you are your first responder. True fear is a signal that can save you when it comes to detecting, then surviving the 6 most critical seconds of your life. Learn to know and understand fear and use it as a survival tool. ‘Conflict Communication’ – Identify, manage and turn threats into opportunities to avoid different kinds of dangerous conflicts. Predators count on victims to be scripted and predictable. When social aggression becomes Asocial violence the time for deterrence ends as security becomes survival. ‘The Tool of Violence’ – Threats are opportunities to use the narrow tool of violence for creating dysfunction or non function, essentially shutting off a human being. The ideal is to be the first one to cause an injury, then create ‘serial injury’ until the aggressor no longer poses a threat or becomes ‘non functional’. If you aren’t doing the injuring your being injured. Boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and jujitsu take a lifetime of training to master yet are the basis of self defense programs and create an unconscious bias to style and fighting range. F.E.A.R.S. foundation training can be learned in a weekend like C.P.R. but should be practiced for a lifetime.


Fearless Fighter Girl

“Its your divine animal right to defend your life and that of your young”
    • Fearless Fighter Girl based on biology and physiology
    • Fearless Fighter Girl Enhances your intuition using primal fear as fuel.
    • Fearless Fighter girl Teaches you to use the “tool of violence” before it is used against you.


The Ultimate Body Transformation Program For All Fitness Levels

A unique, fun, and proven workout with guaranteed results. A kickboxing themed fitness program incorporating functional, interval, cardiovascular and circuit training .
  • Fast – 30min workout with a personal trainer
  • Functional – Gain flexibility, cardio and muscular fitness
  • Flexible – Schedule sessions at your convenience with our app.


The ​FEARLES​S KIDS Program is for students grades K through 8.

We offer children a strong foundation in essential qualities such as respect, courtesy and discipline.
  • This class will improve your child’s motor skills, enhance attention span, respectfulness and confidence.
  • Classes are taught using a safe, fun and exciting method.

F.E.A.R.S Tactical

F.E.A.R.S. Combative and Defensive Tactics is for military, security and first responders. There is a primal personal protection system in every human, fueled by instinctual FEAR.
Tactics * Strategy * Conditioning
‘The Tool of Violence’
F.E.A.R.S. training is based on human biology and physiology without an unconscious bias to style, system or fighting range.


Fight – Fall – React!

Essential skills to make you more marketable for stage, screen and live productions, or just produce better demos for your School! Stunt Fitness – Fighting – Tumbling & Falling Taught by working stunt professionals this comprehensive training program provides everything you need to know for a career in the movie industry.


FEARS Ltds.​ the ​landmark program for all skill levels. The student learns martial arts without an unconscious bias to style, system or fighting range. F.E.A.R.S. training draws from:
  • Joe Lewis/ Superfoot Systems
  • Uechi Ryu Karate
  • DePasquale Combat Ju Jitsu
  • Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu