Team Fearless Classes train people physically, mentally AND promote discipline, honor, self-esteem, respect, courtesy, perseverance and loyalty.

Team Fearless ​classes train people physically and mentally AND promote discipline, honor, self-esteem, respect, courtesy, perseverance and loyalty.

Our core principals are based on the following disciplines:

Uechi Ryu Karate Do

  • UECHI-RYU, originally called PANGAI-NOON, translates to “Half-Hard, Half-Soft” is principaly based on the movements of: The Tiger, The Dragon and Crane.
  • UECHI-RYU is a style of Okinawan Karate. The three original Kata can be traced to ‘The Bubishi’; an ancient work on philosophy, strategy, medicine, and technique. A secret text passed from master to student from India, China and Okinawa for hundreds of years.
  • UECHI-RYU is more practical and efficient for self-defense than other martial arts. It emphasises simplicity, stability and a combination of linear and circular movements.
  • UECHI-RYU Signature movements include (Shoken) one knuckle punch. (Boshiken) Palm heel strike/ thumb knuckle punch. (Sokusen Geri) TipOf the toe kick.
“Uechi Ryu is the most Destructive use of Force and Chaos of all the fighting arts.”
The Secrets of Okinawan Karate
Joe Lewis Karate Systems logo

Joe Lewis Karate System

JOE LEWIS enjoyed one of the most successful careers in tournament karate history. Known as the most feared fighter of his generation. He trained with BRUCE LEE in 1968 & 1969. Lee coached him to become the “Greatest Karate Fighter of All Time”. The law of strategy is to control your opponent in any given situation or zone with equal efficacy. The Joe Lewis Karate System will help you become a balanced fighter and teach you how to adjust to ANY opponent in ANY situation. THE HALLMARK attributes of the Joe Lewis Karate System are:
  • Tactical footwork
  • Set point control
  • Angular attacks
  • Deceptive penetration
  • Aggressive defense
  • Controlling distance
“Innovate Don’t Imitate”
Joe Lewis
DePasquale JuJitsu Logo

DePasquale Yoshitsune Combat JuJitsu

The late Michael DePasquale Sr. is regarded as the father of American JuJitsu. Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. is now (Headmaster) of the Yoshitsune Combat JuJitsu System.
  • YOSHITSUNE is a street to ground submission art using three levels of fighting: standing, kneeling and ground fighting against armed and unarmed attackers.
  • YOSHITSUNE training includes conditioning, striking, throwing and immobilizations using joint locks and other methods of restraint.
  • YOSHITSUNE training is progressive.The more advanced the technique, the less external force is required from the practitioner.
 “Knowledge is like a lion; not gently embraced, especially with your hand in the lions mouth.”
South African Proverb