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We are looking for fitness enthusiasts and martial artists who are ordinary people with extraordinary determination. Learning is not about finding the best style; it’s about finding the best instructors. The best instructor is someone who believes in you and gets you to believe in yourself.

Lessons you learn in my classes will last a lifetime.

I focus on two interrelated components that are the essence of one’s self ­esteem; the real source of self­ confidence is self ­efficiency and self respect.  This experience from my classes is based on the  functions of your mind, the method of how you think Confidence is not based simply on knowing what to do, but more so on knowing how to do it.  Confidence is the component that bestows the power for one to elevate strong conviction in all their executions. One of the best ways to build confidence in your game plan or to defuse it in your opponent is through developing movement skills. Of all the physical attributes in martial arts, mobility is the key that makes all the others more effective. Mobility is an essential temporal component necessary to augment the totality of ones technical capabilities and it vitalizes the fighting spirit behind those skills. Join me  to learn and practice the most effective tactically based footwork drills ever to be introduced to fitness enthusiasts or martial artists. Get started working on what all other trainers will be copying in years to come.

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Kyoshi Robb Buckland, a 7th degree blackbelt and certified nutritional consultant and personal trainer (IFPA and ACSM), FEARS Ltds founder is a veteran of over 40 years in the martial arts and holds master level blackbelts in multiple martial arts and instructor certifications in combatives and defensive tactics from the world’s most prominent grand masters and trainers.
Buckland is mentored by Uechi Ryu Grand Masters Bob Bethoney, Arthur Rebesa and Jim Maloney, and is recognized as a Master Instructor. “Robb began training with Kickboxing Legend/American Karate pioneer Grand Master Joe Lewis in 1984. ‘The Greatest Karate Fighter of all Time’ Buckland is a 6th degree black belt in the Joe Lewis American Karate System (J.L.A.K.S.). Buckland has been three times nominated for the coveted ‘Gallantry Award’ by the Joe Lewis Fighting System (J.L.F.S.)The attributes of a warriors spirit: courage, honor, and ‘heart’ and to ‘innovate not imitate’ are lessons he learned from sparring and training with his friend and mentor Joe Lewis. Buckland trained with American Bando pioneer Dr. Maung Gyi, A mentor to the worlds foremost martial artists, Dr Gyi brought kickboxing to the United States. GM Dennis Nackord is a 10th degree Blackbelt that studied American, Japanese, Burmese and Okinawan martial arts.The principles of ‘motion science’ are a result of his teaching. After a brief introduction to ‘the sweet science’ by Michael Luftus, Buckland trained at the Pittsfield Boxing Club with Billy Major and then Dicky Eklund, the half brother/trainer of former WBU World Champion Mickey Ward. The Fighter movie is based on these two brothers’ fall and rise to the boxing title. As MMAs’ popularity grew with the UFC, Buckland supplemented his Jujitsu training with Judo Master Harry Chandler at his Dalton Judo Club. This training led to training sessions with Olympic medalists Jimmy Pedro and Jason Morris. Brazilian Ju Jitsu dominated the ‘ground game’ in the early UFC. Buckland trained with Renzo Gracie at Joe Lewis’. In early 1990 Robb began his association with Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. &, Sr. and holds a Blackbelt in the Yoshitsune Combat Jujitsu system. He is recognized as a 7th Degree black belt (Shichi-dan) by the International Federation of Jujitsuans and was awarded the title of Kyoshi, which translates to ‘teacher of teachers’. Mentorship by Soke DePasquale and Grand Master Joe Hess led Buckland to numerous film, television, and magazine appearances as well as advanced stunt and Ju Jitsu training at various Action Film Academys & Action Film Stunt Schools.With Joe Hess and former secret service/counter terrorist agent Bill Durso, Buckland trained in behavior anticipation and bomb detachment. Buckland is a Level 1, I.N.F. Defensive Tactics Instructor. A Hall of Famer, Kyoshi actively teaches and trains on an international level, receiving awards and commendations for his coaching of military, law enforcement, martial artists, children and civilians.An Army Veteran and level 2 M.A.C.P (Modern Army Comatives) Instructor, Buckland served in a security/executive protection capacity for performers; Joan Jett, Seigi Ozawa, Winton Marselles and others. Kyoshi is frequently featured in films and documentaries.