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At the N.S.F. / Team Fearless Stunt Training Center you will be able to answer that question. Train with Terry Traynor and Robb Buckland a member of the respected Screen Action Stunt Association (SASA).

The NSF stunt team has been creating stage and film action pieces for close to ten years. All members of all ages have an extraordinarily wide range of experiences. Military training, weapons handling, guns, knives, swords, bo staff and much more. With well over a hundred years of combined martial arts training our capacity in the New England area is second to none! We are more than just stuntmen and fighters, we are storytellers, we are filmmakers, and we are an ACTION TEAM! Terry, Robb and highly skilled guest instructors will present our comprehensive training program teaching you everything you need to know for a career in the lucrative movie industry.

One of the basics is Stunt Fighting. Whether you are performing in a bar room brawl or a Hong Kong martial arts film, you have to know how to give and take realistic punches, kicks, knees, elbows and head butts. Students will choreograph their own fights and set up the correct camera angles.

Students will be introduced to aerial maneuvers utilizing a safety harness and spotting rig. This is where students begin to learn where their body is in the air or what we call Air Sense. A prerequisite in Falling for Film, taught and practiced in these sessions is the ability to fall; forward,backwards, side falls and the ability roll.

Students will have hands-on training in the basics of Stunt Rigging. All basic knot tying and how to use various rigging hardware such as pulleys, ascenders, carabineers, webbing, jerk harnesses, flying harnesses and much much more…

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