Team Fearless Stunts. The oldest and most respected stunt team in the Northeast has been creating stage, film and live action productions for ten years.


Our founders:

Robb Buckland has been a professional stuntman, stunt coordinator and actor for over 22 years. His work has been showcased in a multitude of movies such as “Bloodmoon” with Gary Daniels”, Live by Night” with Ben Affleck, “Central Intelligence” with Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson, “Miami Vice” with Colin Farrell and countless other film, television and web series.

Terry Traynor has been a director, writer, actor, stunt coordinator and stuntman for 10 years. Terry started Narrow Street Films in 2007, he wrote directed and starred in: “Bullies”, “Running on Empty”, Bullies ‘The Benediction’, “Not That Guy”, “Michael Lawrence”, “Chance” and many more………

We are an ACTION TEAM! Terry, Robb and highly skilled guest instructors will present our comprehensive training program teaching you everything you need to know for a career in the lucrative movie industry.

Stunt Fitness & Agility: Just like the military, Stunt work is physically demanding. You will be given recommendations on your continued stunt fitness training regimen.

Tumbling & Parkour: You will learn and practice Shoulder Rolls, Dive Rolls, and improve your Aerial awareness or what we call Air Sense. Falling for Film. Body Rotation and Spin, and Impact Reduction techniques are skills that when practiced regularly, can save you from injury.

Stunt Fighting & Reacting for Camera: One of the most important aspects of stunt training. You’ll learn the proper techniques and secrets to camera angles to create a realistic fight on film. The stunt fight is a must for all action performers.

Lights, Camera, Action ! You’ll perform an action sequence, and combined with different stunt skills you have learned it will be recorded and will be sent to you, via email upon completion of the course.

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