Fearless Family Martial Arts Seminar

Team Fearless Seminars

Personal Empowerment

What is the life you really dream of? What are the fuels that you are missing? How do you ignite a new life now? By building an extraordinary growth mindset—achieving  goals and experiences of true fulfillment.

What’s dousing your Fire?

Is it a lack of clarity about the fuels that you are missing or why they are important to you? Are focusing on proven resources/strategies to fan the flames? Is your psychology developed to cause you to not follow through? Who or what are the dampers that put you out or cause you to steam?

Learning is not about finding the best style it’s about finding the best instructors.

Fearless Family Martial Arts Seminars

What JOE LEWIS Taught Me

JOE LEWIS enjoyed one of the most successful careers in tournament karate history. Known as the most feared fighter of his generation. He trained with BRUCE LEE in 1968 & 1969. Lee coached him to become the “Greatest Karate Fighter of All Time”.

Learn about the HALLMARK attributes of the Joe Lewis Karate System:
  • Tactical Footwork
  • Set point control
  • Angular attacks
  • Deceptive penetration
  • Aggressive defense
  • Controlling distance
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    Do you want to break into action films?

    Fight – Fall – React!

    Essential skills making you more marketable for stage, screen, live productions or produce better demos for your School!

    Robb Buckland has been a professional stuntman, stunt coordinator and actor for over 22 years. His work has been showcased in a multitude of movies such as “Bloodmoon” with Gary Daniels, ”Live by Night” with Ben Affleck, “Central Intelligence” with Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson, “Miami Vice” with Colin Farrell and countless other film, television and web series. Robb and highly skilled guest instructors present our comprehensive training program. Everything you need to know for a career in the movie industry.

      Stunt Fitness – Tumbling & Parkour – Fighting & Reacting
      Lights, Camera, Action !

    Perform an action sequence using stunt skills you have learned. A recording will be emailed to you upon completion of the course.

FEARLESS Fighter Girl Essential Self Defense

‘We aren’t training you for your next fight, we are training you for your last fight.’

What if personal protection was easier than you thought? The fight itself is where most self-defense instructors concentrate their time, this process can take a lifetime. Why is Fearless Fighter Girl different than other programs?

The ability to detect or defuse early in an encounter, or defend aggressively rests on your shoulders There is a primal, personal protection system inside every human, fueled by instinctual FEAR. Topics include:

  • ‘The Anatomy of Fear‘
  • ‘Conflict Communication’
  • ‘The Tool of Violence’

    F.E.A.R.S. training is based on human biology and physiology without an unconscious bias to style, system or fighting range. Reawakening the ability to predict and protect oneself utilizing intuition and the resulting Primal Fear it triggers is the central premise of FEARLESS FIGHTER GIRL.

FEARLESS Personal Empowerment Coaching

Creating,Cultivating Personal Development, In this dynamic presentation on character, leadership and social-emotional development, Mr. Robb Buckland appeals to educators, parents, law enforcement, legislators and youth workers as the foundational builders of this generation’s future leaders. Anchoring his solutions to his personal mantras he describes how we can create a community of role models in our young people. Specifically, he talks about how we can work with young people to:
  • Identify their unique gifts and ways to overcome their specific challenges.
  • Mentor, support and flesh out their individual goals.
  • Collaborate on designing and devising a community that is safe, and advantageous for everyone.
Tailored to your timeframe and needs, Mr. Buckland uses video, activities, stories and audience participation to create an engaging exchange with the participants. Everyone leaves with specific strategies for creating respectful communities and responsible leaders.

FEARLESS Social-Emotional Learning

We have all heard the buzz about social-emotional development. At the heart of social-emotional learning is the development of life skills and emotional intelligence — both of which allow children and teens to effectively manage themselves, others and their relationships. The skills and awareness are profoundly important because it affects both the individual and those in their social groups. In this presentation, Mr. Robb Buckland discusses, how, as adults, we can help young people:
  • Understand and manage emotions.
  • Set, envision and achieve positive goals.
  • Recognize the strengths in oneself and others.
  • Feel and express empathy for others.
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships while cutting out negative ones.
  • Make and follow through with positive choices and actions.
All of these skills help to create a culture based on respect and dignity. Participants will leave with an action plan and specific ways to develop socially, emotionally and positively.

Victim or Victorious? Combating Bullying

The impact of bullying is pervasive and great.Mr. Robb Buckland explains, the memories hold on tightly even as we leave our childhood behind. We all know that bullying is a complicated and ongoing problem. It necessitates prevention of negative social behavior and promotion of positive social behavior to reduce interpersonal aggression. In this frank, multi-media-filled presentation, Mr. Buckland explains:
  • What bullying is and what bullying is not.
  • The main issues that make bullying a more complex problem today than it ever was in the past.
  • The effective solutions that promote positive youth development and combat aggressive social interactions among our young people.
  • What to do and what not to do when a child is being bullied.
  • How we can all be accountable for making positive change and reduce bullying in our communities.
Participants leave with a more concrete understanding of the problem, a new way to look at the young people who make up their communities, and solutions that they can implement immediately.

*These presentations can be modified and customized for any audience or age group.